// Persbericht over samenwerking KBC en IBM (EN)

Brussels, xx June 2015 –Today IBM (NYSE: IBM) and KBC Group (Euronext: KBC) announce a durable agreement that will support KBC's new strategic initiatives. The bank and insurance company strives for reliable and accurate client services based on the customer's individual and specific wishes. To provide a solid hardware foundation for these future innovations, KBC has chosen the new IBM z13 mainframe. Together with IBM's intelligent software, this mainframe will support and safeguard the increasingly diverse banking services for KBC clients. With this partnership KBC Group aims to create a seamless, customer-centric approach of distribution through various channels, while boosting the agility of its client services.

The KBC group focuses on providing bank, insurance and wealth management products and services to SMEs, retail customers and private banking and mid-cap clients. It also provides services to corporate customers and engages in market activities. KBC no longer desires to approach its customers by a separate banking or insurance approach, determining the product offering, but wants to make their clients an offer based on their individual banking and/or insurance needs. By doing so, KBC – unlike many others – is able to respond flexibly at any time to new market circumstances and to switch easily between classic deposit products, life insurance products and bank-related investment products best suited for the client.

To support their new client-based strategy, KBC found an excellent business partner in IBM. With the new long-term partnership, the banking group can further develop a more personalized ways of interacting with its customers. The present and future KBC software applications will now have the secure and reliable hardware support of the IBM z13 mainframe. This IT infrastructure is perfectly suited for the current transition of KBC to a customer-oriented, digital business. With its massive processing power on a single physical server, the mainframe is designed to handle the explosive growth of increasingly mobile clients and employees. Its new economic efficiencies even allow the z13 to offer more computing power with less impact on the KBC IT budget. This not only results in significant savings on software licensing, administration and management costs, but the z13 also requires less energy, floor space and business continuity costs.

“With this frame agreement, we gain access to IBM’s state-of- the-art z13 mainframe to support our existing and new software. We tap into the expertise of IBM in Banking and insurance to develop a truly personalized customer experience,” says XXXX, CIO of KBC group. “The agreement lowers the cost to run the bank, hence freeing up budget that can be used by KBC to innovate the bank and support the transformational initiatives.”

“IBM has a long relationship with KBC Group to help reach their business objectives and provide the core transactional systems supporting the bank's operation,” added Bart Windal, Vice-President, Software Group IBM Benelux. “Both companies strive to make the client experience at KBC even more innovative through customizing the banking advice and insurance assistance to suit the specific needs of that client.”

The agreement runs for 5 years.

For more information about KBC Group: kbc.com
For more information about IBM: ibm.com